Adams County

Emoh Rou

Serpent Mound


Athens County

Manasseh Cutler Hall, Ohio University

Brown County

John P. Parker House

John Rankin House

U.S. Grant Boyhood Home

Butler County

John B. Tytus House

Langstroth Cottage

William H. McGuffey House

Cuyahoga County

Beating Harts

Mouth House

Uncle Tim’s

Erie County

Thomas A. Edison Birthplace

Fairfield County

Sherman Birthplace

Franklin County

Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker House

Fox RunOur

Sand Castle

Greene County

Colonel Charles Young House

Hamilton County

Alphonso Taft Home (William Howard Taft Home)

Baum-Taft House

George Hunt Pendleton House

Jefferson County

Benjamin Lundy House

Lake County

James A. Garfield Home

Lorain County



Hi in the Middle

John Mercer Langston House

Wilson Bruce Evans House

Lucas County

Edward D. Libbey House

Mahoning County

William H. McGuffey Boyhood Home Site

Marion County

Warren G. Harding Home

Montgomery County

Charles F. Kettering House

Hawthorn Hill (Orville Wright Mansion)

Paul Laurence Dunbar House

Sunwatch Site

Ottowa County

Jay Cooke Home

South of Town

Ross County


Sandusky County

Spiegel Grove (Rutherford B. Hayes Summer Home)

Summit County

Stan Hywet Hall

Trumbull County

Harriet Taylor Upton House