Registrations are now being accepted.  Please ensure you enter the name of the home as well as the county and state it is located in.  you will be asked to confirm this information during checkout.  Thank you!

When you register your home’s name with the Home Name Registry, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A listing of your home name in the Home Name Registry which is published globally through this website.
  • A guarantee that your home’s name is not duplicated within the registry of the current county of the home’s location.
  • If you choose, a beautiful certificate, suitable for framing, indicating that the home has been named and is registered in perpetuity in the Home Name Registry. This certificate is signed by the registry’s proclamation procurator and registrar and has the seal of the Home Name Registry rendered on it in gold foil.  There is a small additional charge for the certificate to be rendered and for a courier to be dispatched to your home.


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